Do you travel to Cali for health care?

We are in Cali to help you!

When you travel to Cali for medical attention,
we are here to help you in anything you need.

Our services

All you have to do is to contact us. We can offer everything you need such as: accommodation options, transport service, touristic plans, etc.


Do you need to consult about travelling for health care and wellbeing?

Please contact us. We are ready to suggest you which hotel you can stay at, choose the right transport service for you , where to go to if you want to go sightseeing etc.



If you need a simcard we will provide one so you can connect to other people or any wifi network.

Transport coordination

Do you need transport?

We can coordinate any kind of transport service: from the airport to the hotel, from the hotel to the airport, medicalized basic ambulance, local transport, touristic transport to do sightseeing etc.

Personalized asisstence

Personal assistance

We are in touch with you during your stay in Cali. If you require accompanying service to go shoppìng, to go sightseeing, please let us know. We can provide you above mentioned services. We are ready to support you 24 hours on line.


Professional assistance

We can provide you services such as, home care, post operative massages etc. We take into account your need and budget.



We offer you the best hotel options for you taking into account your needs, taste and budget. We book for you the hotel choosen by you.

especialistas en salud

Health specialist directory

We can recommed you the best hospitals and medical centers in town where they can take care of you. Contact us so we can help you.


Tourism plans

If you want to go sightseeing, go shopping, go for a gastronomic tour, or go for a cultural tour, let us know. We can coordinate these services for you. If you want to travel to any other place, we can suggest you where to go to according to your taste and budget.

Why you should stay with us?

The best services are offered by Humani and are lived in Colombia.

Who we are

Humani Medical Abroad

Humani Medical Abroad is a 100% company in the service of your health and well-being. We have everything you need during your stay in Colombia, To make it simpler and easier, depending on your objective when visiting our country.
If you come for health or wellbeing, we have special plans, From beginning to end , to make this a unique experience.

Total Support for your health

Why to chose Colombia as a health tourism destination?

The city of Cali is full of history, cultural diversity, beautiful tourist sites and ample spaces for daytime and nighttime fun.

About Cali !

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